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Main Theme
The 6th Thailand Education Congress (TEC) on “The Role of Teachers on Lifelong Learning” will be held in Bangkok during October 17–19, 2011. In Thailand, lifelong learning is incorporated into the Ministry of Education’s on-going programme of education reform. Lifelong learning should provide for all members of society, from the very young to the elderly, including the disadvantaged, the disabled and those living in difficult circumstances. Comprising formal, non formal and informal education services, lifelong learning is characterized by modes of delivery which are innovative, flexible and adaptable and by content which is relevant and responsive to needs. Apart from increasing knowledge and building skills to help people to keep pace with rapid developments in various fields of knowledge, it is also a means to cultivate responsible citizenship and promote social cohesion. Quality teachers and effective teaching is essential in order to improve people’s quality of life and contribution to national development.

The 6th Thailand Education Congress:
• Provides a platform for all participants to exchange experiences and knowledge.
• Recognizes the impacts of education and teaching profession on social and economic development at national level.
• Encourages the participation from all sectors in developing Thai education in line with international standards.  

Sub Themes
Expected to attract over a thousand participants, the 6th Thailand Education Congress facilitates the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences on the provision of lifelong learning linked to the issues of access, quality and participation. It will foster discussion on topics under the three identified sub themes:

Who should attend
This is an important platform for policy makers, teachers, educators, education personnel and researchers from education and other relevant sectors to deliver papers, present research or conduct workshops on topics linked to the proposed sub-themes.