Project aims to get street kids back in school

Deputy Minister of Education Kanokwan Wilawan (center) and relevant persons


The “Children in the Street” project to help street kids in Bangkok return to school was announced on September 25 in a join collaboration between Office of The Non-Formal and Informal Education (ONIE), Equitable Education Fund (EEF), Chulalongkorn University, Network Organisation for Street Children, and Association for Thai Lifelong Education Promotion.

Deputy Minister of Education Kanokwan Wilawan said the project will be spearheaded by ONIE teachers in Bangkok. It will comprise scanning the capital area to identify homeless children and come to understand their problems before coordinating with the other agencies to bring the children back into a proper education, get other help or land a job.

Deputy Minister of Education, Kanokwan WilawanDeputy Minister of Education, Kanokwan Wilawan


“The teachers are assigned to find the children’s family background and the reason for living on the street in order to individually and properly assist them, in line with the policy to reduce educational inequality,” she said.

Children in Street continues a previous project that helped 81 kids living on the street around the Yommarat railway by providing them with an educational opportunity, said Pattanapong Sukmadan, the EEF

assistant manager.


Some 30,000 children live on the streets of Thailand, mostly in Bangkok, and there are hundreds of thousands of unschooled kids in the Kingdom.



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