Equitable Education Fund opens new round of funding for vocational students

Director of the Equitable Education Fund (EEF)’s Office of Partnership, Innovation and Scholarships Thantida Wongprasong on Monday announced that the EEF was accepting online programme proposals from now through December 9 from vocational schools wishing to participate in the 2nd innovational fund for diploma programme in 2020.

The fund is used to develop curricula for schools and create educational opportunities for students with potential but without the money to study at the higher vocational level.

“The available majors allowed to join this programme are those that relate to the government’s national development policy, such as the first S-Curve industries and new S-Curve industries, or majors in science, technology, digital technology,” Thantida said. “We also support those majors that are unavailable at the provincial or local level.”

Vocational schools wanting to participate in this programme must show that they offer curricula in these subjects and that they are not receiving support from the private sector in the form of matching funds.

Schools with poor or underprivileged students are considered eligible for selection and must demonstrate transparency in the scholarship recipient selection process.

Furthermore, EEF will consider participating schools based on the quality of their curriculum development, which should lead to learning skills of 21st century and also entrepreneurship skills. The last point of consideration is the promotion of employment opportunities provided by the vocational schools for their graduates. 

“In addition to a fund allocated to students as scholarship to cover their spending and tuition fees, EEF allocates funding to support participating schools in holding activities for scholarship recipients and organising educational improvement activities,” she added.



Sources : https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30378498

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