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Ministry Profile

Originally called the Ministry of Education. Ministry fair set up on 1 April Rattanakosin era 111 years Dragon match, BE 2435 in the reign of King Rama V. Ministry of wrong in the first phase is responsible for managing the religious education of nurses and museums. 5 Department of the Department under the Department of Central wrong. Department of Education, Department of Nursing Department of the Museum. And Department of Seong?urri. The name of this Ministry. Has been renamed several times back and forth as follows.

BE recent years.

A ministry 2435 to 2461.

Ministry of the fair.2462 to 2468.

Ministry of Education 2469 to 2483.

Ministru of the fair. 2484 - present

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education Today. Have major responsibilities in education, religious and cultural organizations under the five-level office in the organization and support in a public organization / agency director.

Office, Ministry of Education. From its inception until now have been moved together as many.

  • In the first period (year 2435) Ministry of fair office building is located along the east side door Chaiso Paradise (now the Office of the Privy Purse).
  • Year 2441 has moved to Building Sunantha University. Pak Khlong market is. Queens School today.
  • Wed since 2448 have moved to new buildings at the palace predominant. (National Theatre, located at present).
  • Wed since 2452 has moved away from home Rattanathibet Chao. Along the Pak Khlong Ong Ang. (Now Office Department of rice).
  • Wed since 2483 has moved to Wang copyrights. Nok Road. To date.

Ministry fair to be 2452 to 2483.

On 7 July 2546 was to restructure the new Ministry of Education.

There is a subordinate agency.

1. Office of the Minister.
2. Office of the Permanent Secretary
3. Office of Education Council.
4. Office of Basic Education.
5. Commission on Higher Education.
6. Office of Vocational Education.
7. Organization Public / Autonomous organization.


Bureau of Information and Communication Technology Office of the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education E-Mail :