Ministry eyes New Year gift for teachers

Ministry eyes New Year gift for teachers

The Education Ministry plans to ask the cabinet to provide a special allowance of 2,500 baht per month for 9,110 teachers nationwide who teach in remote areas with inadequate basic utilities as a New Year gift.

Education Minister Teerakiat Jareonsettasin yesterday revealed Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is worried about the living conditions of teachers who work in remote areas. He has instructed the ministry to urgently improve their living conditions.

"We still have schools that have difficulties getting access to electricity and other basic utilities, so teachers who make sacrifices to teach there deserve a New Year gift," Dr Teerakiat said.

According to ministry spokeswoman Payom Chinnawong, teachers who are eligible to receive an extra 2,500 baht per month might be divided into five groups: teachers who work in remote and hard to access areas; teachers who teach in schools with inadequate basic utilities; teachers who teach in schools with inadequate sanitation; teachers who teach in schools with inadequate accommodation; and teachers who teach in danger zones.

"We have made a survey and found that there are 9,110 teachers nationwide who fall into these five categories,'' he said.

Aside from providing extra money for teachers in faraway areas, Mr Payom said the ministry also has another plan to install high-speed broadband internet with a minimum speed of 100 Mbps in every school across the nation as another New Year gift for teachers and students.

At 100 Mbps, schools will have enough internet access for teachers and students to use most education technology tools, he said.

"Our mission is to make sure that no kids in this country are left behind because they don't have access to broadband," Mr Payom said.

Meanwhile, new Deputy Education Minister Udom Kachintorn pledged on his first day in office to follow the guidance of His Majesty the King on improving standards of Rajabhat universities to reduce educational inequality in Thailand.

Dr Udom, who has been assigned by Dr Teerakiat to set up a Higher Education Ministry, insisted Thailand needs a new ministry to oversee university affairs as the major focus of the Education Ministry has always been on the basic and vocational levels.

"The Higher Education Ministry would likely work to improve the quality of higher education better than the current Office of Higher Education Commission, which is under the care of the Education Ministry," Dr Udom said.

He added that if a Higher Education Ministry is established, Thai universities are likely to respond better to strategies and needs in the sector.

It could also help respond better to the needs of the market and those of students, observers say.

"The Higher Education Ministry will also support the government's Thailand 4.0 policy because it will give a greater emphasis to research and innovation.

"The new ministry will not intervene in the management of state universities that have operated under their own specific regulations governed by their own councils, with presidents and executives in charge of management, but we will work together to support them," he said.


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