Thai Education in Brief


Education as a Spearhead to Break through the Middle-Income Trap

OVERVIEW The Education System

As stipulated in the 1999 National Education Act, the Ministry of Education (MOE) is the main agency responsible for promoting and overseeing the provision of education at all levels, including basic and higher education, and of all types, including formal, non-formal and informal education. Formal education is divided into two levels: basic and higher education. Basic education in Thailand refers to six years of primary education (G1-G6), three years of lower secondary (G7-G9) and three years of upper secondary education (G10-G12).


MOE’s Organizational Structure

The educational administration and management system at the central level is operated by 5 main bodies:

     1) The Office of the Permanent Secretary is responsible for coordinating administrative and budgetary affairs within the Ministry, setting forth the Ministry’s policy, guidelines and work plans, as well as supervising the provision of non-formal, informal and private education;

     2) The Office of the Education Council is responsible for formulating policies, plans and standards of national education, mobilizing educational resources, evaluating educational provision, conducting research and developing educational laws;

     3) The Office of the Basic Education Commission oversees the provision of general education from pre-primary to upper secondary levels to ensure that all school-aged children have access to basic education;

     4) The Office of the Vocational Education Commission administers the provision of technical and vocational education, from upper secondary level to post-secondary education, whereby the nation’s labour market demands are incorporated into the matrix; and



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