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MOE Approves Compensation for Teachers and Educators

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     On 7 November 2016, the Minister of Education, Gen. Dapong Ratanasuwan, along with the Deputy Permanent Secretary of Education,  Mr. Phitsanu Tulsuk, reported the approval given by the Ministry of Education to pay for the funerals of teachers and educators.

     As a result of  a committee meeting to discuss funerals for teachers and educators on 20 October 2016, the Office of the Welfare for Teachers and Educators would like to give assistance to teachers and educators who have pensions of under 10,000 baht. The meeting approved of paying them compensation. Those who will be entitled for the payment should be members of at least 40 years standing. Currently, there are 70,110 individuals with 40 years of membership and 5,094 people who have been members for 75 years. Those who would like to join need to sign the relevant document.

A funding center will work on these financial matters in the near future. Official regulations regarding this compensation will be established.

The Minister of Education said that, in the past, some members were so old that they forgot to pay their membership fees for 3 months, thus canceling their membership automatically.

This situation is not fair for those who have paid regularly all their lives, so this idea is effective for those who forget to pay.

     In terms of regulations for membership, those who are over 35 years of age cannot be members. However, the Office of the Welfare for Teachers and Educators will consider ways to allow them to become members.

Finally, the Minister talked about the problems of Thai teachers relating to debt, saying that the Ministry of Education should create a working group to solve the problema strategically. This will be done next month because the aim of the Ministry is to make all Thai teachers happy.

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Home News MOE MOE Approves Compensation for Teachers and Educators


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