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Enumeration and Sources of Data

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Enumeration and Sources of Data

The data presented in this book are collected from the agencies responsible for education provision both within and outside the Ministry of Education. The data form these two sources are defined as follows.

- Data of the Ministry of Education

              The Number of schools, teachers and student of the Ministry of Education.

- Data of other Organization

              Apart from the Ministry of Education, separate agencies also provide education to the people to promote accessibility to education and to meet particular purposes of those agencies involved. Such agencies are the Local Administration Department under the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, the Department of Education under Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Praborommarajchanok  Institute under the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School, The Military Technical Training Schools, the Royal Naval School of Music, the Phramong Kutklao Hospital and College of Medicine, The Force Nursing College, the Royal Thai Naval Academy, the Royal Thai Air Force Academy, the Chulachomklao Royal Ministry Academy, the Noval Nursing College under the Ministry of Defence, Border Patrol Police General Headquarters and the Police Cadet Academy under the office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Tourisms and Sports, the Ministry of Culture, and The Bureau of National Buddhism.

Data of the whole Kingdom  =   a grand total covering the data in the whole kingdom.

Data of Bangkok                   =   the number of schools, teachers and students of every    agency in Bangkok Metropolis.

Data of Other Provinces      =   the number of schools, teachers and students across the country excluding those in Bangkok Metropolis.

Students                               =  a number of students and pupils at each level of education

Teachers                              =  the number of teaching staff and administrative personnel in educational institutions

Institutions                          =  the number if schools, colleges, universities or other educational institutions responsible for education provision. 


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Home Educational Statistics in Brief Enumeration and Sources of Data


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